Should Women Join the Catholic Priesthood?

Recent sex abuse cases in the Catholic Church have caused many Catholics to question whether the requirements for priesthood should be changed. A recent ABC news poll says six out of ten Catholics believe women should be able to join the priesthood.

One of those proposed changes is letting women become Catholic priests. Though many spiritual idols in the Catholic Church are women, they are still not allowed to lead a Catholic mass.

Some Tyler Catholics are among many worldwide who believe women should get the opportunity to enter the priesthood. Vicki Waldron, a member of the Catholic Church says, "those of us that are women in the Catholic church have fore decades indicted and said there should be female priests."

Father Joe Strickland at Immaculate Conception Cathedral says letting women enter the priesthood is not necessarily a solution for stopping sex abuse in the church.

I think we have to be very careful just as a society and certainly within the Catholic Church not to link those just because we have the sad scandal situation that the church and our society is going through.

Sister Susan Seitz entered the convent in 1953 and says the Catholic Church is making changes slowly, but surely.

"I do believe that in more recent years there's been more efforts to draw women in to other roles into the church to allow them to use their gifts."

In 1994, Pope John Paul II reaffirmed that women could not join the priesthood. Whether that rule changes in time or not...women are already a light of inspiration to many inside the Catholic Church.