Boat Theft Costing Insurance Companies and Owners Big Bucks

Many boaters in East Texas will take to the water this Memorial Day weekend.

Game wardens are reminding boaters to safeguard their vessels from thieves. A National Insurance Crime Bureau report says one thousand boats will be stolen this month alone.

Boating experts say boats parked on land are the main targets. They say you can protect your vessel by purchasing "sturdy coupler locks", which prevent thieves from towing a boat away.

It's also recommended that you mark all boating equipment with a license number, and of course, never leave keys in the ignition.

Game wardens say Memorial Day weekend is a time when boaters need to be extra careful. Boat owners and insurance companies lose $40 million a year due to boat theft.

"A lot of boats are stolen the week prior and days prior to Memorial Day weekend because everybody wants to have a boat on the water, but they don't want the payments," said Chris Green, game warden.