Stray Dogs And Cats In Smith County Go To New Facility

As of midnight Friday, a contract between the Humane Society of East Texas and Smith County officially ended. That means, stray dogs and cats go to the county's new shelter located on FM 3311 near Winona.

The facility can hold up to around 50 animals.  Animal control officers expect to bring in around 130 dogs a month. By law, the county must hold the animals for 73 hours, and in most cases they will be euthanized by local vets. Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith wanted to remind everyone this is not a humane society.

"If they want someone to adopt their dogs, if they want someone to take care of their dogs then they need to go to the humane society," said Smith.  "we strictly are in the vicious animal business, that's what we do. Animals that are destroying property, animals that are running stray out in the county that could hurt someone."

Smith said officers will check to make sure the animals brought in do not have an owner. If you ever think your pet has been picked up, call the Smith County animal control dispatch at 903-566-6600.

Courtney Lane, Reporting