Kilgore Woman Shot In Broad Daylight

A Kilgore man shot a women Thursday morning in broad daylight in front of witnesses.

The victim, Ann Taylor, was shot in the chest during an argument with the man.

It happened in a small neighborhood on Swanee Circle...that's just north of Highway 31. Witnesses say the suspect pulled out a small caliber rifle and shot her in the chest.

Witnesses watched as the victim stumbled from the car in search of help. In her path, she left a shoe behind. "He got out of the car, had the gun stared at the window and just shot in the car," said Chasity Henderson, a neighbor .

Gregg County authorities have taken the suspect in custody, but say he has not been arraigned yet. The victim was taken to Laird Memorial Hospital and treated for one gun shot wound to the chest. She is in stable condition.