Freedom Fighters: Billy Stokes

Billy Stokes was barely eighteen when he went into the Army in 1943. He was to grow up fast in battle. Stokes and his C Company landed on Normandy Beach in September of 1944.

They fought their way through France and into Germany. In Inden, Germany, Stokes was to face his worst battle. His squad leader and asistant leader were killed in the first moments of battle and Stokes had to assume leadership. The American soldiers were surrounded and outnumbered. For five days and four nights, they battled the Germans in Inden before being releived.

Billy Stokes went on to fight in The Battle Of The Bulge and into the outskirts of Berlin. He was awarded the Bronze Star for his valor in battle. Stokes feels that if he and others hadn't fought in World War Two, we would not have the freedoms we enjoy today.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting