Reports of Gang Fight at John Tyler Protest False

Tyler Police say there was not a gang fight at a John Tyler student protest Thursday.

Contrary to published reports, police confirm they were not called to break up a fight at the demonstration by students.  Rather, officers responded because they received word students would be speaking out about reports disgruntled teachers are leaving the school.

A youth minister on scene, did stop two students having words, but that involved no violence.

Tyler Police say they will be stepping up patrols at John Tyler, because school is about to be out. Not because of a protest.

"Nobody was hurt, there was no gang fight. There was not anything like that," says Chief Swindle.

We also talked with Principal Aubrey Todd by phone today, he says they are looking into the student protest and talking with administrators, but Todd also heard no reports of a gang fight.

None of the students are being disciplined for speaking out at the protest.