Palestine Joins Jacksonville on the Report

Ryan's at 2800 S. Loop 256 in Palestine was inspected back on April 8th. Several violations were found. The inspector noted that handwashing facilities needed cleaning, containers needed to be cleaned and properly labeled, and foods needed to be properly stored. Also, food contact surfaces needed to be wiped down. Ryan's had 15 demerits... translating to a score of 85.

Jack in the Box at 2207 W. Oak in Palestine was inspected April 15th. Handwashing sink needed cleaning, and containers needed to be properly cleaned and labeled, and food contact surfaces needed cleaning. They had 14 demerits, or a score of 86.

Church's Chicken at 419 E. Palestine Ave. was inspected April 9th.  The inspector noted that food must be stored properly and at least 6 inches off the floor.  And water must be removed from chicken pans. Also, the soda fountain needed cleaning. 11 demerits were recorded... the score was an 89.

And the Ol' West Cafe at 1605 W. Palestine Ave. was inspected april 4th.... Containers needed to be cleaned and labeled. And foods needed to be properly wrapped in storage units. Also food contact surfaces needed cleaning. 10 demerits ... score: 90 ... Rechecks for all Palestine restaurants are pending.

The highest performers in Palestine in April were El Toro 2111 S. Loop 281, and Chip's Burger 908 W. Palestine ave.  Both had scores of 97.

The highest performing restaurant in Jacksonville was the Whataburger at 627 S. Jackson ... they scored an 96.