Goodwill Supercenter Opens to Huge Crowd

Nothing but a great deal.

It's what hundreds of people found at the new Goodwill Superstore opening in Tyler this morning.

Well over a hundred people were waiting outside Superstore on the SSW Loop waiting to get in Thursday morning when the doors opened at 9 o'clock.

They have all kinds of items as well, not just used items, but new items are on sale as well for a very low price.

They are very proud of their new store which is twice as large as the old one.

Of course, all of the proceeds go toward helping disabled and disadvantaged East Texans.

"It gave me a job, and good opportunity, and steady work something I didn't have at the time," says Luvenia Bradford who has worked for Goodwill for nine years.

There are quite a few items that you won't see anywhere else, they're open from nine in the morning until eight at night.

They're at the old Payless Cashways Building on Loop 323 near Old Jacksonville Highway.