Soldiers Find Romance In Iraq

Stationed in the heart of the war, an east Texas sergeant comes home to show that romance can be found in the midst of war. 22 year old sergeant April Johnigan arrived home at Tyler Pounds field today on leave from Kuwait.

"Today is different emotions just glad to have her back, haven't seen her in six months, and tomorrow is my birthday" said Aprils father Larry Johnigan.

"I just want to hug her and give her a big kiss" said Aprils mother Veronica.

But Johnigan didn't come home alone. She brought home fellow Kuwait veteran sergeant Dexter Franklin, to meet her parents. Yes she found romance in the midst of war.

"Yeah its serious over there in the middle east, but you've got to have that down time, you want to be able to take advantage of it and in the midst if you find someone that could be a companion , by all means" says sergeant Johnigan.

They met on a basketball court in Kuwait and the bond of service to country, quickly turned into more. And they've rarely separated since.

"I wanted him to see how family can embrace you and care about you know that there's people out there for you" April says.

Naturally April's parents were a little taken aback.

"I'm going to ask a lot of questions" Larry says.

Though they're not saying it out loud, their feelings are hard to disguise.

" Its g-14 classified, just kidding, yeah she is important very important to me" says sergeant Franklin.

Not all of the news from the middle east is about war. Sometimes its about finding someone, even in the most unlikely places.

"I guess it happens anywhere, loves everywhere" Larry says.

Next week the pair will fly to Chicago to meet Franklin's parents. They are both on leave for 18 days, and then will return to Kuwait.  Bob hallmark reporting/