Gift of Love: Zachery & Martin Adoption

In January of 2006, we introduced you to Zachery and Martin on KLTV's Gift of Love report. These two brothers have been in foster care about three years, patiently waiting for just right family to give them a second chance.

"That's when we saw it on the news. I went on the internet and I just fell in love with these two boys. They had a I need a home face, you know," says Brandy Harris.

From that moment, Brandy and Ray Harris began the process to make these boys a part of their family.

"We're not in foster care anymore. We're in a home and my new mom and dad are awesome," says 7 year old Zachery.

Looking at her new boys Brandy says, "Probably the best part has been just to hear 'mom' and, of course, they started calling us mom and dad before they ever moved in." Ray adds, "It's no different than having your own child and what they mean to you."

Martin, 5 years old, too is happy with his new family and it's the little things that make him smile. He says with a big smile, "Peanut butter and and jelly is my favorite sandwich."

After a past filled with abuse, these boys are just now beginning to know a parents love. Zachery needed extra help academically. "They said he's a little bit behind and we're going to put him in a reading class. Now he's about to graduate from his reading class and be up to date actually ahead of a lot of kids in his class and he has confidence," says Ray.

Martin had his own unique challenges. He's believed to be a victim of shaken baby syndrome causing him brain damage. "As soon as we got into the house, his motor skills improved. His speech improved. It was just amazing how he turned around. He did a 360 in probably about six months," says Brandy.

Ray and Brandy were also surprised to learn how little these boys knew about just being kids. "We took them to the playground and we just expected them to go crazy and be on everything and they're looking at us like what do we do with this. They didn't even know what a swing set was."

They also involved the boys in sports and school activities and surrounded them with pets. Martin and Zachery quickly ran down the list of names.

The boys are grateful they got to stay together and now share the Gift of Love in a family they can call their own.

Ray says, "We're the lucky ones. I can't count the ways how lucky we are."

Gillian Sheridan, Reporting