Republicans File Suit Over Upshur Voting Machines

Was it political in-fighting , or a clerical mistake that cost Upshur County Republicans the option of electronic voting in next Tuesday's election?

In Upshur County Court,  the political battle was argued concerning the Republican Party's contract to lease election machines. The county clerk claims the contract was not signed in time to program the machines. The Upshur County Republican chair filed a lawsuit against the county clerk,  claiming the clerk refused to accept the signed contract.

The judge ruled that there was not sufficient time to re-program the machines without compromising the March 4th primary, and all Republican ballots will be cast on paper ballots.

"No one will be disenfranchised because of the court's ruling the court has ensured that everyone will be able to vote be able to vote in a timely and effective manner and that all the laws will be complied with" said defense attorney Robert Davis.

"A contract that the county clerk had put together wasn't signed by her deadline because there was some stuff in it that wasn't acceptable" said Christine Fincher, the president of the Upshur County Republican Women's Club.

"Our big concern was that law, the help Americans vote act, the hava act had to have some method available to someone who especially is handicapped" said Upshur County republican Melvin Dodd.

The judge ordered that the machines will be programmed for the April run-off election, and that a republican paper ballot must be submitted to his office by Thursday morning.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting