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Little Engine That Could Comes To Town

It's a story that many of you read when you were young.  'The Little Engine That Could' is an  inspirational story of a train that saves the day for many little boys and girls. A full size replica engine of the character has made it's way to East Texas and is already drawing a lot of excitement.

The kindergarten class at Christian Heritage Academy in Palestine were the first to climb aboard.

"Because we went on the train," said Samira.

 "We ride on the train and we got to go three times," said Michael Flyn.

Off they went cheering her along.

"The little engine that could is a female, and so when you get to see her up close at the event she's got big eyelashes, you will get to hear her bell and chant her refrain as she is leaving says I think I can I think I can," said Lori Kastrop, Texas State Railroad, "And when she comes back she says I knew I can I knew I can. So it is exciting to hear her and see her up close."

Up close they were. The kids also got to see two of the characters from the story as well: a toy elephant and a teddy bear.

"It is a relatively new event for The Little Engine That Could. And this is the first time for this event in Texas," said Kastrop.

The event based on the book by Watty Piper is about the little engine that came along to help pull a train full of toys over a mountain. A story of positive thinking.

Easton Musil "He saw the kids and he thought he can do it

The event is much more than the train ride.

"Live music and story readings. A lot of fun activities so families could spend a whole day here," said Kastrop.

They will have carnival events and food vendors as well.

The Little Engine will be at the Palestine depot for the Texas State Railroad Friday, Saturday and Sunday March 7, 8, 9.

Tickets are $16 for people two and up. call 1-888-987-2461 or or

Danielle Capper, Reporting.

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