Deputy Involved In Dangerous Crash

An East Texas deputy is back at work Wednesday night after a crash this past weekend sent him to the hospital. The accident happened in Henderson off Highway 79 around 8:30 Saturday night.

Rusk County Sheriff Deputy Chris Ledger was traveling northbound on 79 when he received a call to back up another deputy.

He turned his lights and sirens on when this red truck came out of taco bell, crossed 5 lanes of traffic and hit him.

"I asked him how he was feeling he described feeling like he hit a brick wall," said Lieutenant Kenneth Logan, Rusk County Sheriff's Department, "I take luck a lot of times it could have been a lot worse. I am real proud of him and the way he handled himself."

William Bennett Hays was arrested for allegedly causing the accident. Tests from the scene say his blood alcohol was nearly twice the legal limit.  His is now out of jail on bond, charged with DWI and Possession of Marijuana.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.