I-Jury Could be the Future in Smith County

Preliminary jury screening in Smith County could soon be coming into your home by way of the Internet.

The system, called I-jury, is already being done in Travis County. Travis County's District Clerk will show Smith County judges Thursday how the jury pool can log onto a web site, fill out the questionnaire and receive their assignment without ever setting foot in a courtroom.

District Clerk Becky Dempsey says I-jury could save the people of Smith County's time who wouldn't be eligible for jury duty in the first place.

"There's a huge savings that is quite possible that Smith County could realize," says Dempsey. "If we are not having jurors report downtown for jury service, if they don't report, they don't get paid, then all that money could get saved."

Still no word on the cost of I-jury software, but Travis County reports they've saved $100,000 dollars in just six months.