Teacher Assaulted by Student Suspended

A Robert E. Lee teacher has been suspended with pay after a student allegedly assaulted him.

Authorities identify that teacher as Mark Stevens. Fred Hayes, the principal at Robert E. Lee says the biology teacher was suspended for physically trying stop a freshman student from leaving class.

The school states they do not condone the student assaulting Stevens, but that the teacher should have let administrators take care of the unruly student.

"The teacher used very poor judgement," says Fred Hayes, Robert E. Lee principal. "He got up to try and stop the student from leaving, the student said I am leaving the teacher said no your not and he placed his hands on her, she began to swing her hands and touched the teacher's face and the teacher then took her to the ground."

The student has been placed in alternative school since the alleged assault. TISD is still investigating the biology teacher's actions.