Doctor Suspension Stayed

41 year old Dr. George Robert Smith recently worked at the Mount Pleasant Medical Clinic. Last October, his medical license was temporarily suspended after a state investigation showed he was addicted to the prescription painkiller, hydrocodone.

Nickie Johnson who occasionally worked with Dr. Smith, says over time she noticed a change in him, "His hands were shakey, he was not as alert as usual, " she explains. "He was starting to not care about the things you have

It was Smith's behavior that caused Titus Regional Medical Center to revoke his staff privileges at the hospital. He abandoned a patient in the ICU unit, walked out of the hospital and never returned. Reports show Smith's problem wasn't limited to taking drugs. He was also writing false prescriptions under the names of his family members.

Just a week ago, the state board reversed their suspension allowing him to go back to work. Dr. Smith is now on a 10 year probation, "The board maintains a great deal of control, we have compliance offices-we do check very frequently, "explains Jill Wiggins of The State Medical Board. "The drug screens are at least weekly. If he doesn't test clean his license will be revoked."

Dr. Smith can now only practice in a group setting. In addition to taking random drug tests, he'll have to attend regular Alcohol Anonymous meetings. And, if he doesn't pass a drug test, his license will automatically be suspended, again.