Water Test at Lake O' the Pines

A report recently released by the Northeast Texas Municipal Water District, from the Army corps of engineers, shows that Lake O' The Pines has excessive amounts of fecal coliform, or fecal matter. As a result, the district wants area boat owners to add holding tanks on their craft to control contamination.

Boat owners are not happy, they say they already can contain black water, or solid waste in holding tanks on their boats. They feel the district is being unreasonable with their request that gray water, which is water from showers and sinks, be contained.

The corps of engineers says the report is off base. They say figures about contaminants are compiled over a 3 year testing period. According to them the report data was inaccurately reported, and that the water is safe. The boat owners say they will do nothing more until they get a ruling on what the problems really are... And what they are required to do to keep their lake clean.