Store Clerk Fights Off Would Be Robber

He strolled through the parking lot, opened the door, and walked right up to the counter, but he was no ordinary customer.

"When he came behind the counter, I told him, you've got to out from behind here, or I'll hurt you," said Candy Ellison, the clerk.  She said that's when the robber told her he would kill her.  "He went to reach for his pocket.  I picked up the bar stool I was sitting on and it went from there."

The surveillance video from the store showed Ellison going back and forth around the counter with the suspect after he demanded the cash from the register.  "At first I thought he was joking, and I told him I didn't have any money because it wasn't my money to give," she said.  She tried to get away while he became more aggressive.  She was backed into a corner and that's when she made the decision to defend herself.

"I took the bar stool and I shoved it into his chest and pushed."

The suspect took off on foot, but she wasn't through with him yet.  She picked up a coffee mug and hurled it toward the door, shattering the glass. "Honestly, I was hoping to hit him in the head," she said.

"She had no place to flee, and it was either fight, or get hurt," said Lieutenant A.J. Randell with Hawkins Police.  "She fought back, and in this case, she won."

Candy was back on the job, Tuesday, and said she has no plans leaving anytime soon.  Her Friday night rumble was all part of an honest day's work, she said.  "I made a promise when I started working here and I wanted to keep that promise--to take care of my boss's stuff."

She took care of herself in the process, and put one would-be robber in his place.

Layron Livingston, Reporter