Graffiti Culprit Caught On Tape Vandalizing Obama Headquarters in Gregg County

Longview (KLTV) - It's surveillance video Obama headquarters building owner Eddie Towles showed first to KLTV.  The video shows the culprit, acting alone, vandalizing Towles vans shortly after 4:30 am Monday morning.

In the video you see the suspect spray-painting both vans parked side by side. Then the suspect takes off. Since Towles story first aired Monday night on KLTV, the phones at the building which also houses Towles Phone Center have been ringing off the hook with concerned East Texans.

Towles Phone Center co-owner, Patti Towles says," All together we've had at least 80 to 100 phone calls."My hearty has been so touched by so many good people here in Longview. Several offered to pay for the damage to my vans," said Eddie Towles.

Along with the calls, Towles has received numerous e-mails from East Texans wanting to help. Terry Barrett is just one of many East Texans and KLTV 7 viewers that saw our vandalism story and contacted Towles by e-mail. "Initially when I saw the story it made me angry. Here you have a man that has worked hard to get to where he is and then for someone to go with a cowardly manor and deface his property, I just wanted him to know I was were sorry for his loss," said  Barrett.

With so much support the Towles say the vandalism act that was meant for bad has now been turned into something good. "It didn't get into our sprit. We've already forgiven them and we're pressing forward," said Towles.

Towles has given the surveillance video over to Longview Police. They still don't have any leads, but they are hoping the video will help catch the culprit.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting.