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Smith County Gets Tough on Criminal Illegals

Like many of you, I have real concerns about the number of illegal aliens living in Texas. But when I hear reports of illegal aliens committing crimes in my country, well, that really strikes a nerve.

What's more, these criminals aren't even sent back home. Instead, they're crowding our jails and taking up space in our legal system.

Well, all that's about to change thanks to the grass roots initiative led by Smith County Court at Law Judge Floyd Getz and other local leaders. Who can forget the tragic death of Martha Mondragon last summer, the 31 year old expectant mother, who was killed by a drunk driver?

Turned out, the driver was a 16 year old illegal alien, living here in East Texas with a fake ID. The outrage over this case is what moved Judge Getz and others to crack down on these criminals. Soon, every person booked into the Smith County jail will be answering questions regarding their legal status. If there's a problem, immigration is notified.

 Then, once their business is complete here, immigration enforcement has 48 hours to get them out of here - and hopefully deported.

It's a strong step in the right direction and I applaud our local leaders for getting tough on crimes of illegal aliens - and making this a Better East Texas.

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Mr. Streit,

I loved your commentary tonight about illegal aliens.  I am not against people wanting a better life for themselves and their families but when they do it illegally that is what puts me on my soap box.  We have enough problems with some of our on citizens without adding illegal's to the mix.  I have already written Congressman Louie Gohmert and got a nice response from him.  I also wrote Kevin Eltife and have not heard anything from him.  Something has got to be done to protect our grandkids future.  The illegal's have had it to easy for a long time and now they need to pay for their actions.  If that means being deported, so be it.  If you can't come over here legally like so many others have, then good riddance.



This is a comment in response to the illegal alien topic that was on a better east texas.  I think that you are right on the money when you stated that illegal aliens who commet crimes should be deported back to where they are from.  It is wrong when illegals aliens who are  not suppose to be over here in the first place commit crimes and then get to stay here in our country.  That's wrong!  Thanks for bringing this topic up.  This is very important and I am glad Tyler is doing something about it.  Other towns should follow Tyler's example.  Thank you for your time.



I really enjoy your comments at the end of the news case. I find it refereshing when a public figure will speak his mind and actually make sense. Keep up the good work.



I agree that criminals need to be behind bars, but Monday night you fail to tell the public that the 30 year old woman that died was a MEXICAN who possibly was an illegal immigrant or has family who is illegal, so again information half said.

One thing I have also noticed is that you have the crime fighters show on Monday but to this day I have yet to see any Hispanics be shown. I guess they are out committing the crime of working?? they leave all the real crime to all the criminals who have been on the show which have been CAUCASIAN or AFRICAN AMERICAN, that just goes to show how much real crime the Illegals are committing...I do agree that ALL races have criminals but the Illegals aren't the only criminals and aren't the ones shooting at the schools across the country or committing acts of terrorism, we should focus on real criminals.

I guess this country is afraid of having a minority become the thing I have also yet to understand, is that Puerto Ric-ans are Hispanics and they are part of this country or that CUBANS come from a communist country and the US government allows them to automatically enter the US once they touch ground??? why do we allow them to enter when they could be criminals trying to find refuge in the US but they aren't illegal immigrants because our laws protect them??? What contradiction of these immigration laws??

Well, I just want you to know I do respect your opinion but I feel that we as human beings will never learn to over come ignorance, I may on more than one occasion probably have felt the same feelings you have toward a certain group of people but I try to put myself in their shoes, anyways as I said before, when we die GOD will not ask us for a green card to enter heaven as he created us all the same, as his own image, all we have to do is what the bible says and that is LOVE one another for LOVE is OF GOD....I understand though the the world is of the devil and so there for where he sees that there is peace he will create turmoil, we just haven't learned to tell the difference yet, I GUESS?

May GOD bless you and I will keep you in my prayers. Thank you for reading my email once again, and I truly do respect your opinion and I am proud to live in the United States of America---One Nation Under God...




I agree with you that the criminals should be dealt with then sent to their own country of birth.  Your comment is good, but it leaves a lot of questions to be answered.

Will that leave their families here to be burdens on our government systems? 

Our government has already mis-handled the Social Security issue as well as the immigration issue.  What will they do with the family members left behind?  The young man you were speaking of in the auto accident is considered a minor in our country and that ususally means they live with an adult member of their family.  Would his family be sent "home" with him?  And if it was the parent of children, would the family be sent back to the parent's home country?  Will the family left behind file for government aid and get it?  Do we even know how many illegal alien families are on Food Stamps and WIC?  If illegals come here and have children, does that give them automatic citizenship and the right to file for assistance?

And aren't immigrants suppose to pledge allegiance to this country?  I am not saying they should not speak their native language in their homes, but why should we have to print our voting ballots in Spanish as well as English?  Why should these people be allowed to vote if they cannot read and understand the language?  How could they possibly understand the issues facing this country if they do not love or respect it enough to learn and use the language.

Yes, I know I am sounding off a bit, but when we sit and think about it, we can get really worked up.  Thanks for letting me let off a little steam.



A week or so ago you gave an editorial on illegal immigration.  I meant to write at that time but got busy and just now remembered that I wanted to express my opinion in this matter.

A lot of people are concerned about illegal aliens and how to deal with them.  Supposedly a long wall has been authorized at some unbelievable amount of tax payer expense.

Several forms of amnesty have been offered since rounding up and deporting 11-12 million individuals is ridiculous.

I think I have a viable solution, that would cost very little to implement, no wall would have to be built and they would go home of their own accord.

Let me preface this by saying, this is an extremely difficult situation and as such requires equally difficult actions.  Let me also say

I have absolutely no issue with any individual of any race coming to this country legally.  But I do have a problem with illegal entry and ANY form of amnesty and that includes fines.

That said let me begin.

There is no way we can round up 11-12 million people that we don't even know who or where they are.  It is logistically impossible.  So...

First and foremost let's be realistic about why they come here in the first place.  They come because there are more jobs and more

money to be made here than in their own country.  So, first we take away the jobs.  We do this by requiring every bureau of the  government to coordinate between all of the government entities

that house information in any format on individuals.  An employer is required by law to report wages paid to any individuals they employ.  Through the coordination of government

entities social security numbers, ie tax payer ids can be verified.  Therefore we require every employer to verify the validity of every one in their employment.  Then for every illegal

employed by any employer, both the CEO/owner/head honcho and the individual that signed off on employing the individual are fined a minimum of $5000 for every illegal employed

and required to spend 6 months in jail for every illegal employed.  I guarantee there would be no jobs offered to anyone that could not be verified.

Second, absolutely all social services administered require the same verification.  No id verification, no social services...period.  Any social service offered to unverified individuals require

the manager of that social service group and the individual that authorized the service to pay $2000 and spend 6 months in jail for every individual illegally offered such service.

The only social service allowed without penalty is life dependant medical.  The medical facility would be required to do the same verification and report the illegal immediately upon

admission into the facility.  Same penalty for admissions clerk, doctor and facility administrator.  Once reported, and the patient stabilized, they would be deported.

Children of illegal aliens are not allowed to participate in the public educational system.  If their parents were not here illegally, they would not be either and as such should not

enjoy social service of any but life saving. I do not believe the parents would risk registering the children in school if they knew they would be reported and deported so this would

not be an ongoing situation of illegal alien children running around with nothing to do. 

Third, automatic citizenship of children born to illegal aliens in this country must be stopped.  If the parents are here legally, then they can decide at the time of birth whether they

want their child to become a citizen of the United States or of their country of origin.  If the child is born to unverified parents, the same medical reporting would be required and deportation after stabilization.

I know of no other country that offers automatic citizenship to children born to foreign nationals, especially those there illegally.

As I stated initially, while these measure seem drastic, drastic situations require drastic actions.  If implemented, not only would a wall no longer be required, the illegal aliens

already in this country would leave as there would no longer be any reason to remain.  No job, no money, no social services, no education, no reason to come or stay.

I also realize that the chances of any of this being implemented are less than my chances of winning the lottery. 

Respectfully Yours,


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