Obama Campaign's Longview Headquarters Hit By Vandals

LONGVIEW (KLTV) --This weekend's East Texas rally for Barack Obama with Samuel L. Jackson was supposed to leave a positive message in the Longview community. Instead, vandals spray painted negative racial remarks on the outside of the Obama headquarter's building.

The building is not only the headquarters of Obama's Gregg County campaign, but also serves as the home of Eddie Towles' Telephone Repair Service & Phone Center. Early this morning, Towles and his technicians found the words "a racist" spray painted on both of his company vans, and "racits" (sic) spelled out on the front of his company building.

The vandalism happened sometime after 6:30 pm last night - and sometime after actor Jackson and over 400 excited Longview residents rallied for Barack Obama outside.

Eddie Towles says that despite the negative acts, he still supports Barack Obama. "They can destroy my building, they can destroy my vans - but they'll never be able to destroy my spirit. I don't even know why anyone would do this except ignorance, you know, total ignorance." He also added that he didn't think his business would have been vandalized had it not been for the Obama rally held there earlier that day.

Longview Police are now investigating the incident as an act of criminal mischeif, but say they do not have any leads at this time.

Cathryn Khalil, reporting. ckhalil@kltv.com.