Samuel L. Jackson Makes A Stop In Tyler On Obama's Behalf

Samuel L. Jackson wasn't promoting a movie Sunday, but rather a candidate.  Hundreds of people showed up to hear the actor speak and rally support for Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama.

Jackson said he's been inactive for far too long when it comes to politics.  Sunday night, he wanted to make sure East Texas took a stand in this year's election.

"I've been kind of apathetic for a while, and I haven't been active in campaigns," said Jackson. "I think it's time to let people know that the more active we are--the way we used to be in the sixties and seventies--the more people understand who we are, what we want, and who we are, collectively, as a people.  It's about time we had someone who listened to us and addressed our needs in that way."  Jackson also made campaign stops in Texarkana and Longview, Sunday.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.