Samuel L. Jackson Visits Longview

Actor Samuel L. Jackson skipped out on Hollywood's biggest night, Sunday and traveled to East Texas.  In Longview, he drew a big crowd.  Around 500 people packed into the parking lot of the Towles Center supporting the Obama campaign, but more to see a Hollywood heavyweight.

"I came over here to support Barack Obama, but of course to see Samuel L. Jackson, come on," said Obama supporter William Hogue.

"Well, I think it brings the spotlight to a small community," said Obama supporter Clara Keller.  "A big name person like Samuel L. Jackson might put us on the map."  Jackson arrived to a roaring crowd, and many could see the effect of a movie star on a tight political race in Texas.

"The major endorsement of a well known actor such as Samuel L. Jackson, a mega star within his own right, is something that is rather noteworthy itself," said Obama supporter Doctor Timothy McNeil.

"I would have come to support Barack, but I would not have been as enthusiastic about it as I am to see Samuel L. Jackson."  Jackson signed hundreds of autographs, but can Mace Windu make the difference in the campaign?  Sunday's supporters would say yes.

Jackson says he was asked to be a presenter at the Oscars Sunday, but he turned it down.  A break in his shooting schedule allowed him to take time to campaign for the Obama campaign.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.