Money For College Starting In 7th Grade

One East Texas high school does it. Another wants to start, and a local college is taking it to another level. this week on kltv 7, we told you about an incentive program at Troup i-s-d that offers cash coupons and prizes for kids who ace the taks test. New Summerfield is considering the program. We found out about a program at Lon Morris College in Jacksonville, where kids can start earning tuition money with good grades, even before they're out of junior high.

Who says doing good in school doesn't pay off?

"It save us a lot of money. Like a lot of my tuition was paid for with this and my books," said Bennie Scott the 2nd,

Bennie was one of many students at Jacksonville ISD that joined the Lon Morris' Scholar Dollar program in 7th grade.

"I didn't care much about getting in it or nothing but my momma she was like go ahead and get in it," said Bennie.

"It was originally designed just to get students to just make better grades. We wanted to encourage the students in Jacksonville," said Betty Addington, Director Scholar Dollar Program.

From Jacksonville it expanded. Now the program is available in six school districts: Bullard, Frankston, Neches, New Summerfield and Rusk.

"We wanted them to understand how important it was for them to make good grades not just to pass the required tests that are necessary today," said Addington.

The program costs nothing and there is no obligation. All a student needs to do is fill out a simple form get a parent signature, then write a one page essay why education is important to my future.

Betty "$20 for every A $12 for every B and $3 for every C, each six weeks. And these students earn it.

The program rewards students for grades in every single class.

"After you graduate you are like wow everything costs so much money. I really wish i would have did something to help out my situation," said Jerrod Price, Scholar Dollar Participant.

"It's a win win situation because if you don't choose to go to school here, you've made good grades and can choose to go to wherever you choose to go," said Addington.

"I pretty much made good grades in school, so why not get money for college if I am already making good grades. It couldn't hurt," said Bennie.

For Bennie, it was money earned and money saved, helping to bankroll his brighter future.

The official Scholar Dollar sign up date is during the first semester of each school year. Once in the program, students must keep up their GPA.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.