Escaped Gregg County Inmate Caught

A dash for freedom by a Gregg county inmate ends after a hour long search.

Around 3 pm today, a male suspect was being taken in to the Gregg County Jail for booking on violations of probation, but the suspect had other ideas.

He escaped around two thirty this afternoon from the Gregg County Jail. Witnesses say they saw him running, still handcuffed in the front, across Highway 80.

Deputies and Longview Police were swarming the area around Highway 80 and Court Street, where motorists had seen him running.

Witnesses say the man dashed from road to road eluding officers, and then just disappeared.

30 minutes into the search, officers checked his last known residence, an apartment section on Bill Owens Parkway.

As search dogs were brought in, a witness spotted the suspect running into the nearby woods.

After a short chase, the man was taken back into custody, but not before suffering a dog bite to one of his legs.

The suspect was taken to Good Shepherd Hospital being treated for his wounds.

His freedom lasted almost an hour.

The man's name has not been released and escape charges will be added on to his booking during his arraignment tomorrow.