Update: Gun-Carrying Smith County Suspect Surrenders

Kenny Ryan McGlaun
Kenny Ryan McGlaun

KLTV 7 News has identified the gun-carrying man that  surrendered himself to police this afternoon in Whitehouse. Kenny Ryan McGlaun has a long rap sheet including several DUIs listed on the Smith County Sheriff's Department website.

According to Craig Shelton, of the Smith County Sheriff's Office, McGlaun and a friend had been drinking throughout the afternoon, when McGlaun got angry, threatened to kill the friend, and pulled a rifle and pistol on the friend and began firing them into the air while in the man's house. The other man then called the police.

When a deputy arrived, he observed McGlaun shooting into the air in the front yard of the residence, and then going back into the residence. The deputy called for backup, and a SWAT team arrived and established a perimeter. Eventually, after the man fired several more shots, a police negotiator was able to convince McGlaun to come outside, where he lay down on the driveway and police took him into custody.

Deputies say they've been to the residence several times in the past.

Cathryn Khalil, reporting. ckhalil@kltv.com