UT Tyler's Booher Named Top Draft Prospect

At UT Tyler games, the crowd is not saying "Boo". That cheer is for Blake Booher. The righty pitcher was named the top Division 3 prospect in the country by Collegiate Baseball Magazine.

"It's a great honor," Booher said. "I remember when I was younger I used to get that magazine and see the people in it and think, 'Gosh, how do you get to be number one?'"

He's a competitor," patriots head coach James Vilade said, "he's a winner. The guy's had a lot of success in every college start he's had."

The junior is 12-0 for the Patriots in his career, and never lost a decision. However, that doesn't mean his teammates let him off easy with the national award.

"Yeah, there's people joking around," Booher laughed, "just like with any other award. People just make comments like , 'Oh, number one prospect this' or 'number one prospect that,' but it's all fun and games. Everybody's happy for me."

"His response was very professional," Vilade said. "The players were excited, Blake earned that honor and we're fortunate to have him playing for us."

With thirteen Patriots playing pro ball and two draftees last season, the future looks good again. However, Booher is well aware the future doesn't begin until at least after the season.

"We've been through it one time," Vilade said, "and the one thing I tell guys is that the draft is not until June, so just don't worry about it."

"It's a great honor, but I've still got to go out and take care of business between the lines first, and focus on the season."

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