Gohmert Talks About The Race For The White House

With the political race heating up all eyes are on Texas.  KLTV sat down with East Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert. Gohmert had formerly endorsed Fred Thompson, but since he dropped, out he hasn't endorsed anybody.

"Day after he dropped out. I got a call from one of the newspapers in Washington. They asked me who are you endorsing today? Today I am suffering from electile disfunction. I wasn't excited about any of the candidates at that point but the more I've gotten into it, becoming engaged. I've got to support the best candidate," said Gohmert.

Like many conservatives, Congressman Gohmert has his reservations about presumptive republican nominee John McCain. Specifically, McCain's senate votes against tax cuts, immigration, and the McCain Kennedy Amnesty Bill.

"I met with McCain along with some other republicans last week. He said 'Look I've gotten the message. I've got the battle scars all across my body. I got the message. I got beat up over the bill. We need border security before we do anything else. There is encouragement in things like that for republicans who had concerns like McCain, and I'm one of them," said Gohmert.

Gohmert said one thing voters need to know about McCain when he says he is going to do something, he sticks to it.

"When he comes out and says this is what I will do you can pretty much count on his word. That is an encouragement for people like me who have been concerned about his record.

I asked Louie if he thinks McCain can win the presidency?

"It's a long time till November and it just depends on third parties, who stays home, but it's wide open. Nobody can predict right now what will happen in November," said Gohmert.

Whoever the nominees are, Gohmert says the worst thing you can do is stay home.

"Look at 2006 republicans lost the senate and the majority in the house. Look at the votes. We had same number of democrats vote in 2006's as 2002, but the Republicans stayed home," said Gohmert.

So regardless of your political stance Gohmert encourages your to use your vote.

"It comes down to Texas. Its just amazing the way things worked out," said Gohmert.

We also asked Gohmert about who McCains running mate might be. He said he has heard many names thrown out, but that whoever he chooses coulg play a big role. That person could unite the Republican party and potentially bring the conservative vote.

Danielle Capper, Reporting dcapper@kltv.com