Texas Motorists Get Belted Down

Wearing seat belts in the front seat of your car or truck has been Texas law since 1985. For some reason, still nearly one quarter of drivers don't buckle up.

The "Click It or Ticket" program is designed to make more people aware of the seat belt laws, and nothing gets a driver's attention like the fear of an expensive ticket. Understandably, drivers who were given tickets Monday were a little bit upset.

Shannon Mariani, ticketed for riding without a seatbelt, disagrees with the mandatory requirement. "As far as children who are not adults and cannot make their own decisions, I definitely think we should be knocking down those. But for adults, that's just kind of their perrogative."

The law is now zero tolerance, which means the drivers can and will be pulled over for not wearing seat belts. The tickets can range up to almost two hundred dollars. An expensive lesson, but still easier than the alternative.