Longview City Employee Charged With Child Pornography

Regan Welborn has only been with the City of Longview for two months in the wastewater treatment facility. This morning, Welborn was arraigned on charges of possessing child pornography on his home computer. "I went out there and talked to him at work and he gave me consent to search his computer at which time I did, and found child pornography...and arrested him on Friday." Detective Mike Hyko of the Longview Police Department says the investigation is just beginning. He says they have not completed the search into his personal computer. "We have several different avenues. We just basically started looking at his computer, so we're gonna look at all aspects of the computer involving...see if we can see anything else." Welborn has only been with the City of Longview for a short time before his arrest on Friday. While he is still technically a Longview employee, the city says he has been placed on administrative leave. Welborn has already posted bond. Cyber crimes officers say if Welborn is in possession of more pornographic pictures of children, they'll find them.