City of Longview Considers Putting Restrictions On Digital Billboard Signs

You've seen them along side roads, blinking red lights, flashing screens, and huge letters. Digital signs are no doubt attention grabbers. But Longview city officials say it's the "attention grabber" that could cause them to make amendments to their existing ordinance.

"The 2003 ordinance predated the technology that we're seeing now with these new electronic digital displays."I've had a few folks call me about the distractive quality of some of the signs," said Karen Maines, chairwoman of the Longview Planning & Zoning Commission. "I do think they should make limitations on the signs. They can be kind of distracting sometimes" said Lopngview driver,Tonya Fagan "Maybe an ordinance can be in place, but I don't see the digital signs now being a problem,"said resident, Tony Raymond.

Lively Cadillac GMC has had an electronic billboard for 30 years, and they say they've never had any complaints.

"Obviously, we want the city to look beautiful for everybody but our particular sign is a landmark for Longview.  It's been a land mark for 30 years and I don't see the sense in messing with something that's working well," said John Ray, Lively Cadillac GMC Sales Manager.

Lock -Doc has had their digital sign for nearly a year and office manager Leilani Brown says business couldn't be better.

"If someone came in and complained we would definitely adjust it but we had already pre-set it and so far so good."

So, if the ordnance is changed, businesses with electronic billboards will get to keep their signs. The existing signs will definitely be grand-fathered in. We're not looking to have any signs that already exist removed.

Some of the city's digital sign considerations consist of  how fast the images move, how bright they are, and how far the signs are from the road.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting.