East Texas Crowds Come Out For Clinton Rally

"Bill Clinton is always good, he's always right on the money," said Longview resident Willa Richardson.

From Clinton supporter signs to Hillary buttons East Texas Clinton supporters were like William Butler were decked out in pink Hilary t-shirts. "It takes a real man to vote for Hilary!  We've had men presidents in the pass and they've have messed up, and I think it's time for a woman.

Regardless, of the hype, the real question is did "Bill" make an impression for "Hil" and sway East Texans minds? "It hasn't totally effected my decision but I have an idea of what Hilary stands for,"said Hallsville resident, Harold Jones. "I'm undecided and uninspired at this point," said Jonathan Bynum, of Longview. "The reason I left early is because I felt like he was focusing on a lot of small items, which that's not what I came here to hear," said Jane Thompson, of Marshall.

And while some East Texas came to "hear" what the former president had to say others just came to "see". "The biggest reason I came out Today was so my kids could see a former president," said Bynum. No matter what they're reason for rallying was it all boils down to one thing who'll get the nomination.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting lshockley@kltv.com