Standing-Room Only At TJC For Bill Clinton's Arrival

At Tyler Junior College it was standing-room only, and supporters were packed like sardines. Close to 1,000 East Texans came to hear the former president rally for his wife.

"She was a lawyer, she was a child advocate," said former president Bill Clinton.

Clinton hopes his Tyler visit will pay off for his wife, as it once did for him.

"I had one of the great rallies of my life when I was running for president back in 1992, right here at Tyler Junior College. I'm glad to be here."

Of the many issues addressed, the former president promised a solution to bring our troops home safely and then care for our veterans.

"She wants me to tell you that we must not treat these young people in the disgraceful manner in which our country treated them after the Vietnam War."

Many supporters said it's time for change and Clinton is the only candidate with the right experience.

"Just being a President's wife and the many projects that she's done, projects that she's written, all the experience she's had," said Clinton supporter Kristi Roberts.  "She's there to help everyone."

Yet we did find a few skeptics among the crowd.

"Universal health care is a terrible idea," said TJC sophomore Tim Fisher.  "The war on terror needs to be finished, we do not need to cut and run."

Still hundreds of other East Texans said come voting time, it's Hillary Clinton for them.

In Tyler, Courtney Lane Reporting