Former President Clinton Stumps In Longview

The 42nd president of the United States took the stage in Longview today to win over voters for his wife. A huge crowd waited for hours to see Bill Clinton at a packed Maude Cobb activity center, and gave the former commander and chief a roaring ovation when he arrived.

"Texas is a key state in this election process" Clinton said.

Immediately, Clinton launched into the issues that he hopes hits home with East Texas voters, including health care.

"And Hillary now has the only plan left that will cover every single American, and its time for all americans to have health care, and if you want health care you'll vote for Hillary" Clinton said.

"I certainly hope we have some answers to the health care , I think its so important" said Longview Democratic supporter Georgia Grant.

Clinton also addressed the continuing debate over war.

"I don't know how you feel about the war , but i'm presuming you want to get out of Iraq,  and I think we should stop spending 300 billion dollars to send overseas to pay for oil we don't need" said Clinton.

His presence in East Texas, political organizers hope, will make East Texans choose his wife at the polls on March 4th.

"If you want change vote for Hillary and you won't be sorry" said the former president.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting