Whitehouse Burglar Suspects Caught in the Act

Whitehouse Police say a resident on the1600 block of Waterton Circle caught two burglary suspects entering his garage Saturday morning.

Whitehouse Police have linked a Whitehouse teen and a 20-year-old man to the burglaries. 18-year old Justin Miller and 20-year old Kenneth McCarrol were arrested for two counts of burglary of a habitation, and nine counts of burglarizing a motor vehicle.

Police say the burglary spree started Monday night when the two suspects cleaned out a car. Whitehouse Police believe the burglars accumulated about $5,000 dollars worth of stolen items.

Investigators were surprised to find  the burglars were stealing inexpensive items like a boat cover, a fishing net, even Cliff's Notes. The burglars, however, also took pricier items like a lap-top computer, a stereo and speakers.

"You can really definitely feel like these kinds of crimes were because of the thrill of it," said Officer Mike Gromatzky with Whitehouse Police Department.

Miller and McCarrol were taken to Smith County Jail. Victims spent the day retrieving victims from the police department. Investigators say one of the burglars said they were already casing out South Tyler apartments as possible targets.