Ramonce Tayler To Serve Five Months For Violating Probation

Former Texas running back Ramonce Taylor will serve five months in state jail for violating probation.

Taylor scored 15 touchdowns in the Longhorns' 2005 national championship season. He was sentenced yesterday in Bell County to two years in jail, but state District Judge Martha Trudo suspended the sentence for five years under a process called "shock probation." As part of his probation, Taylor must serve five months in state jail.

The Temple Daily Telegram reports Taylor's mother, Ramona Clark, had to be removed from the courtroom during sentencing after she began wailing. She passed out and hit her head on the floor, but regained consciouness a few seconds later.

Trudo told the 22-year-old Taylor that this was his "second and last chance."

Taylor's college career ended after he was arrested in May 2006 on a felony marijuana charge and pleaded guilty to having 4 ounces to 5 pounds of the drug in his vehicle. He was dismissed from the Longhorns, and The Daily Telegram reports he's had multiple probation violations, including two positive drug tests.

Story courtesy of the Associated Press.

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