Gregg County Dems Getting Ready For Former Pres. Clinton

Thursday organizers in Longview were busy getting ready for former President Bill Clinton's stop. Down to the tiniest details, like what Mr. Clinton will eat for lunch, to the biggest--where to hold Clinton's rally.

Phones are ringing off the wall at Gregg County Democratic headquarters and even more calls are going out, all letting people know former President Bill Clinton will be in Longview Friday, campaigning for his wife Hillary, but with that, comes lots of preparations.

"Mostly it's small things like you wanna make sure that if he's hungry that he's going to be able to eat," says Gregg County Democratic Chair Steve Richardson.

And then there are the big decisions.  Namely, where Clinton's rally will be held.

"We're having to find a location.  The Clinton campaign is now in East Texas area and the secret service is coming out checking out the location we'll be having to deal with them," says Gregg County Democratic Chair-Elect Juneau Embry.

It had been decided T.G. Field Auditorium would do.  It holds about 1200.

"We're going to pull it off, we have important person coming to our town and we want to show him a big East Texas welcome," says Embry.

But then, the Clinton campaign called and decided it would be at the Maude Cobb Convention Center instead.

They are expecting a big crowd, at least in the thousands. Back in 1996, when Bill Clinton, then President, visited Longview, an estimated 17,000 East Texans turned out downtown.

"It's a pretty big frenzy of people wanting to see," Richardson says.

And it's a big frenzy just trying to get ready for the former President, but none the less exciting.

The event is free and open to the public at the Maude Cobb Convention Center, but if want to get in, you should go early.

Tracy Watler Reporting,