13,000 Valentines Cards Delivered To Kids In Hospital

While many of you may have done the traditional flowers or card for your loved one, some young ones in East Texas hospitals also received homemade valentines from many of you.

Through "Valentines for kidz", a project with a local radio station and a previous story we did 13,000 cards full of elbow grease and glitter were delivered.

Through the halls of the hospital they went. Door to door, delivering the homemade goodies.

Once we told you about this project last week, many of you decided to get in on these blessings.

"We found that there were private schools, public schools, church groups, and home schools who all saw this and thought this is a great idea and a way we can minister through the love of Christ to our community," said Troy Kriechbaum, CEO/President Encouragement FM.

In all, more than 13,000 valentines were brought in.

"We were sorting through them all yesterday, another truck load came in from a book store in Longview," said Troy.

Three year old Jordan has seen a lot of the hospital lately.

"He's been here almost every holiday," said Cristal Johnson, Jordan's mom.

Cristal said although Jordan acted shy, once the cameras leave he will want to flip through and read all the cards.

"He is always sad being here. I like when people get to actually come see him so it's not like he is completely alone," said Cristal.

"It's pretty amazing that people around the community pitch in and make kids around the hospital a little bit brighter," said Tara Barkley, daughter McKayla recieved Valentine's Cards.

A light of valentine joy to many East Texans.

Now this is the first time that KVNE/KGLY has done this project, but they said today they plan to do this for many years to come.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com