Ozone Season Enters with Emission Reminders

Sunny skies and excessive chemical emissions from East Texas industries could spell danger for the ozone. That's why north East Texas businesses like southwestern electric power company stepped up to the plate three years ago to reduce what they're emitting in the air.

"It is very expensive equipment and it takes and outage to bring it down," says Howard Ground with SWEPCO and American Electric Power. "As far as passing it on to the customers, we're really not. We're doing it voluntary."

Ozone exceedances three years ago prompted an action group to get businesses and people behind improving air quality in East Texas.

"There were no exceedances last year so I think we're on a path to clean air for the area," says Dan Eden.

How can you do your share for cleaner air? It's as simple as sharing a ride, avoiding drive through lanes, even... "Delaying lawn mowing until late in the day," says Jim Mathews with NETAC. "That's simple because these activities cause precursors to ozone."

Another thing we can do to protect the ozone is to wait and fill up after the sun goes down. New, more stringent emission measures are on the way from the EPA, so the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission says voluntary reductions are key. That way, East Texas doesn't find itself in Dallas's shoes with costly car emissions testing and sanctions where federal highway money's at stake.