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A Better East Texas: Candidate Selection Tool

The number of presidential candidates out there can make narrowing your choices very difficult. I recently ran across a couple of on-line tools that may help you make your decision.

USA Today, traditionally a more liberal publication and the Wall Street Journal usually more conservative, have each created questionnaires that may help you narrow your choices.

 They're easy to use and give you instant results. Here's how they work. After answering a series of questions you will be told which candidates most closely represent your views.

Now, if you decide to take these tests it's important to remember that both of publications had to narrow their questions to those they felt where the most important to the public at large. As a result they may have omitted something you personally consider important. So if I were you I would use the test merely as a starting point.

From the results you get do your own research on the candidates recommended for you. We've created easy links to both questionnaires on kltv.com. Click the community section on our website and then a better east Texas.

You'll see an icon directing you to each of the questionnaires. Remember being a more informed voter will help us get the right person in office and make this a better east Texas.

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