Gift of Love: Keeps Boutique

Tucked away behind some businesses in Southlake, Texas is a shop called "Keeps Boutique", named from Genesis 28:15 in the Bible.

"Welcome to Keeps Boutique. This shop was made for ya'll so you would have the best. So you can all know God's love," says Emily Cassidy, the owner and creator of the boutique.

Emily opened the shop about 6 months ago. She knows exactly what teenage girls like in fashion. She's only 16 herself. "Something that I would want because they're normal just like me. They've just been through harder situations than I have. They don't deserve any less."

Rhonda, a 17 year old foster child says while shopping, "I think that we're blessed because most kids are lucky to even get one new outfit a year so it's good that someone is taking their time out of their day especially someone so young as Emily."

Emily says every girl feels special when they have a new outfit. She solicits well known designers and the response has been more than she could have ever expected.

"We had one designer, Tulle, who donated 10,000 pieces of clothing. Those clothes are from Nordstrom and they are beautiful clothes," says Emily picking a blouse off the rack.

"There are things here I never saw before. It makes me feel happy to get new clothes," says 13 year old foster child, Anna.

Teenage foster girls between the ages of 11 and 18 can shop here by appointment only. They can try on as many outfits as they want and can keep 6 items each, for which they are all grateful.

"When I left my home I didn't have anything with me at all.  All I had were the clothes that I was wearing," says Rhonda.

And what they wear, does have an impact on them. "I like the clothes I picked out because so I can look good to other kids at school. That is important to me," says Rose, a 16 year old foster child shopping at the boutique.

Emily adds, "Clothes shouldn't be our self esteem but, it does boost it."

"It helps your confidence cause if you feel comfortable with what you're wearing you can be more confident about yourself," says Rhonda.

To Emily, the foster girls she serves are much more than just shoppers. "We keep them in our hearts and we pray for them, we love them and want them to know that so much."

At least for one day, these girls got to feel special, modeling with the best of them. One by one, they came out of the dressing room to show off their new outfits.

"I hope they understand that it's more than clothes. It's so much more than clothes. It's that God has a plan for then, more than the clothes you know. The clothes are just to let them know how much He loves them," explains Emily.

Today, these teenage foster girls left the "Keeps Boutique" with their heads just a little bit higher and their hearts filled with hope.

A Keeps Boutique is opening here in East Texas. Emily Cassidy is working with a teenager from Lindale, Emily Allegretto. She just secured property on the Living Alternatives property in Garden Valley. Ms. Allegretto is working to get the store up and running as soon as possible. If you would like to donate to the East Texas Keeps Boutique call 903-882-0182. If you would like more information on the Southlake Keeps Boutique call 817-552-5535.

Gillian Sheridan Reporting