Longview ISD Middle Schools Could Get $107 Million of 2008 Bond Proposal

From the outside you probably can't tell Foster Middle School over 80 years old. Principal Sediric Clark says the school is showing its age from overcrowded classrooms.

"We need more space. There is no way for teachers to have learning centers in the classroom because they can barely get the desk for the students in the classroom," said Clark.

That is not all the problems at Foster. They have an auditorium that can only fit half of the school.  Also, the school isn't handicap accessible.

And that still is not all.

"We house our 8th graders primarily on the first floor and our 7th graders on the second floor, but we only have restrooms on the first floor in the entire building," said Clark.

At Judson middle school principal, Brian Kasper said his school isn't any better. Its electrical system is outdated.

"We can't plug any more computers in because we're still using screw in bus fuses in this building,"said Kasper.

And their gym has no air conditioning. To top that all off, insects are eating the school.

"Every room in this building has had termites. We've had termites actually damage cabinets on the walls in every classroom in this building," said Kasper.

Two schools that show clear signs of needed improvement, but at the expense of tax payers.

The last Longview ISD bond was passed back in 2002, for $14 million. Funds from that bond were used for new buses, air conditioning for 13 campuses and a new administration building.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting. lshockley@kltv.com