Beagle Lovers Rejoice After Uno's Win

Beagle lovers everywhere are rejoicing. "Uno" the beagle now stands alone at the top of the Westminster dog show, the first beagle in the show's history to take best in show.

Tricia Perry of Tyler and her beagle "Sparky" gave a big round of "a-paws" to the fellow hound.

"I was actually really surprised that he got picked in the end, because beagles don't usually don't get chosen," said Tricia Perry. "It is always so special to see the beagles up there and it is always kind of disappointing when they don't get chosen. But this time it was just amazing. Such a great win."

Tricia said beagles are very special dogs. They're both active and excitable. Her son, 14 year old Forrest, loves his dog and play mate.

"He is the baby of our family," said Tricia. "He is such a wonderful dog. We have a lot of fun with him."

Uno's win last night shows Americans like Tricia that any dog can win.  Uno was a fan favorite both in New York and East Texas, so it must have been doggy destiny.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.