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02/13/08 - Gregg County

Gregg County Investigators Working Child Abuse Neglect Case

On Tuesday afternoon, Gregg County Sheriff's investigators were called to Longview Regional Hospital to investigate a child abuse neglect case.  The 15 week old child involved has now been placed away from the parents by the Texas CPS while they and investigators jointly investigate the matter.

On Monday, the child was taken to the hospital by who, investigators have identified as the biological parents. Diagnosis of the examination of the child indicated neglect and a broken arm.

Investigators interviewed the parents of the child and were able to determine the method of injury the child suffered.  "Based on our interview with the child's father, we believe we have determined the method and responsible party for this injury," Lieutenant Mike Claxton said today.  "We will continue to coordinate our efforts with CPS and will await the review of medical records for any cooberation we may need for offense elements."

"This child received the medical and care attention it needs by the hospital staff and placement family," Claxton added.  Investigators plan to confer with the Criminal District Attorney's Office and intend to proceed with criminal charges on the Father.

Cathryn Khalil, reporting.

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