The City Of Lindale Wants To Make Sure It's Residents Are Protected

After golf-ball sized hail crashed through her roof last week, Gina Albritton of Lindale said it wasn't long before roofers were pounding the pavement outside her home.  But before the tarps covering her broken skylights come down, Gina said she wants to make sure she doesn't get  taken advantage of.  "We know we have to depend on people to help us, and you really want to know who you're dealing with," she said.

And it isn't just roofers residents in Lindale have to worry about.  Over the past week, signs have popped up all over Lindale advertising paintless car repairs and free estimates--signs and claims which now have city officials on alert.

"What we're doing is making sure these individuals, as they set up for business, are insured and that they have all the proper credentials to do the work," said Charles West, director of community development in Lindale.  Code enforcers were out and about, Tuesday, making sure permits were filed and businesses were registered according to the city's ordinances.

But those ordinances and laws only apply inside of the city limits.  When it comes to protecting residents out in the county, it's all about doing your homework and knowing what resources are available.

"In any instance when you're hiring someone to do work, you need to check out the reliability of that company," said Linda Bailey with the Better Business Bureau of East Texas.  She said the BBB can look up any business registered within the United States and provide information about how long they've been in business and what type of record they have.

It's just one easy way to make sure the company you hire is a reliable one.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.