Aftermath Of Early Morning Storms

While electricians scrambled to restore power to nearly 3000 East Texans, some homeowners were picking up the pieces.

"It sounded almost like tornado-like winds and when I looked out I saw the roof actually fall off the house and into this house," said Rebecca Saxon, Lakeway Harbor resident.

In Lakeway Harbor on Lake Palestine, several homes took a beating from the straight-line winds just after six this morning.

"I thought about taking cover because I couldn't tell if it was a tornado or not," said Saxon.

Whatever it was, it was destructive enough.

"The wind just literally picked that porch up and threw it over the house and into this tree," said Saxon.

And part of that blew through the house, rain soaked into the bedroom. The windows were just repaired from last week's hail storm.

Northwest of Tyler on County Road 4153 off Moses Court, the roof of a mobile home blew off, mangled metal is all that's left. And at the same time this morning on Lakeshore Drive south of Tyler, residents woke up to find six tall pine trees toppled over.

"It was just like a whirlwind," said Terri McLarey. "Things started slamming against the house. We went to the window and saw limbs, these pine trees, flying everywhere."

Spending the day clearing-up mother nature's fury, and gradually, the lights began coming on for thousands of East Texans without power.

"Lightening was a factor, wind, trees," said Oncor Region Customer Operation Manager Charles Hill.  "Here in East Texas it's kind of a combination of factors usually when you have a storm with high wind and lightening come through."

Courtney Lane, Reporting