Animal Sedation Drug Hitting The Streets

Ketamine first became popular at "rave parties" where it's known as "Special K". Party-goers are using it to get high, but medically it's used to sedate animals.

Dr. Gary Spence says his vet clinic was robbed last year and several bottles of drug were stolen, "You'll use it to run a wildlife farm where it's a knock down drug for the animals," He explains, "Or your gonna get high...there's no other use for the product."

What's contained in a small vial of Ketamine is enough to knock down a 18-hundred pound horse. Because of the drugs misuse, doctors are now required to track it's whereabouts within clinics.

Recently relocated to ETMC...VP of Emergency Services, Jim Parisi says in Austin he saw several cases of people who'd overdosed from the drug, "It puts you in a catatonic type state," He tells. "Your conscious but your really not aware of your surroundings." Frightening results, especially when the drug can be found and bought off the internet without needing a doctor's prescription. The effect of "special k" can last up to 24 hours, but it's damage can be lifelong. "All you've got to do is be witness to some of the drug addicts around town and you'll either see facial paralysis or a facial twitch, it's not a free ride--something's gonna happen," Tells Dr. Spence

Long term damage from ketamine abuse includes kidney damage, paralysis, and brain damage.