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02/08/08- New Diana

East Texas High School Students Leave High Tech Legacy For School

In the halls of New Diana high school, seniors proudly carry their backpacks, but you won't just find books inside. They're carrying brand new laptops, and you won't believe how they paid for them. "We raised about $1,400 at a lasagna dinner before a football game and then we went around to different corporations and local businesses and asked for donations,"said Chris Moore Senior Class President.

And that's when the big bucks came in. Finia Incorporated, a Dallas based company, donated $35,000 to help seniors pay for their laptops. "The contribution from Fina was insane! It took so much pressure off of us. Fina pretty much paid for half the cost of all our laptops. They made a major contribution to us so that's why we have their logos on our back packs,"said Moore. 

And that's not all. Dell computer gave the students a discount on their order, when they found out the seniors weren't just keeping the gadgets for themselves, but leaving them to the school for their future students. "We wanted to leave sort of a legacy to the students behind us coming up," said senior Caleb Ferrell. "I'm hoping the laptops will give the other seniors a chance just to get more familiar with computers," said Moore. A chance that wouldn't have been possible without the drive of the New Diana Senior Class of 2008. "If you set your mind to it you can do it and as long as it's for the right reasons, you're going to have the community backing for you," said Moore. 

New Diana seniors are putting the laptops to good use. They're using them to write papers, access the Internet, and apply for scholarships online.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting lshockley@kltv.com 

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