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02/08/08 - Washington, D.C.

Rep. Gohmert Calls for Halt to Pork-Plagued Spending

U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert (TX-01) does not want the executive branch to continue to waste millions of dollars on failed programs, but he likewise believes the legislative branch's abuse of earmarks must be reformed.  Gohmert stated, "Until proper, substantive reforms of the earmark system can be formulated and instigated, we simply must force the biggest pigs addicted to their own pork to back away from the trough. The only way to effectively start that process is to set the example and force the issue." 

In an effort to bring long overdue change and accountability to the Congressional process of requesting funds for certain projects, Congressman Gohmert has chosen not to request earmarks for Fiscal Year 2009.  The decision comes as a result of House Republicans challenging the Majority leadership to place an immediate moratorium on earmark requests and establish a bipartisan, bicameral select committee to identify ways to reform the abuses.

"Whether it is an Alaskan bridge to nowhere, or one of Rep. Murtha's money trails to his friends, the process must be reformed for the sake of this nation's future," Gohmert added.  The Democratic Majority's leadership thus far has declined to support reform efforts, but that has not discouraged Rep. Gohmert or his colleagues.

Congressman Gohmert stated, "American taxpayers are frustrated with the lack of real safeguards against rampant spending on wasteful projects with their hard-earned tax dollars. The current earmarking system has fallen and is too broken and bloated to get up. It must be halted immediately until there are procedural methods to stop the pork abuse that leads to makin' ill-gotten bacon. There must be openness and accountability for all project requests." 

"My Republican colleagues and I are taking the lead, and asking our friends on the other side of the aisle to back away from the trough long enough to fix what is broken," Gohmert emphasized. "Let's put an end to political maneuvering and enact true reform.  Further neglect simply condemns our children and generations to come to live in austerity and possibly poverty to pay back the last forty years of governmental gluttony."

Rep. Gohmert joined with House Republicans in January to request in writing that Speaker Pelosi immediately halt the earmark system and form a bipartisan committee to help oversee reform, a challenge the Majority Leadership has so far denied to meet.

Cathryn Khalil, reporting.

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