Epil-Stop & Spray:" Does It Work?"

It is to body hair what Easy Off is to dirty ovens. Spray it on...and wipe it off...or so they say on TV. In this "Does it Work?" report, we put Epil-Stop & Spray to the test. The ads say it's perfect for upper lip, under arms, bikini line, legs...and more. Our volunteer Curt just happens to have, "the more"...and it just happens to be on his back. The first thing we did is test a small area on curt's back. We left the product on between 4 and 5 minutes. The hair wiped off. No problem at all. So we sprayed the whole back and left it on for another 5 minutes. We never expected anything so dramatic. " Oh yeah, it works," says Curt. Towel after towel-- full of back hair. The before and after shots were amazing but there was one small problem---some redness and raised bumps in one small circular area. "That's the spot you tested to begin with," says Curt. "And then we came back and sprayed the whole back and I think the double application is what irritated it." Our fault. The instructions make it clear. You shouldn't leave Epil-Stop on your skin for more than a total 8 minutes. So does it work? No close shave here! You bet it works... Just like on TV. For about 20 dollars you get two bottles of Epil-Stop...six ounces in all---plus a bonus roll-on that can be used on the face.